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Title City of publication Country of publicationPublisherJournal StatusWebsiteJournal Details
CARICOM perspectiveGeorgetown Guyana Caribbean Community Secretariat Articles No Longer Added  
Caricomview: a monthly newsletter of the Caricom SecretariatGeorgetown Guyana Communications Unit, Caricom Secretariat Articles No Longer Added  
Children in focus  Guyana   Articles No Longer Added  
EmancipationQueenstown Guyana Free Press Currently Available  
Guyana Library Association bulletinGeorgetown Guyana Guyana Library Association Articles No Longer Added  
Guyana reviewGeorgetown Guyana Cosmopolitan Communications Corporation Currently Available  
History gazetteTurkeyen Guyana History Society Articles No Longer Added  
TransitionTurkeyen, Georgetown Guyana Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Guyana Articles No Longer Added  

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